Aaron Harlan and I worked closely together at Zebra Imaging from 2014 to 2016. Throughout our time working together I was always impressed with Aaron's creativity and dedication to the project at hand. Zebra Imaging presented a wide variety of clients and with that a wide variety of expectations. Each time Aaron approached the project with an open mind and helped design solutions that would fit within the company's core capabilities while also achieving the requirements the client brought to the table. Aaron is an exuberant personality that is able to speak intelligently with all sorts of people. Something that I always appreciated when working with Aaron was his open communication. When presented with an impossible task he would tell you as much but never presented with a hard no. Instead he would recommend a solution that fit some of the initial request and would help the requester understand why something was not possible. Since leaving Zebra Imaging, Aaron and I have continued to work together on a variety of personal projects where his creativity, dedication and work ethic have been his true defining characteristics. The way he approaches problems is truly unique and should be highly coveted by anyone that has the pleasure of working with him. 
Aaron worked faithfully for FOVI3D for roughly 3 years.  During that time Aaron’s primary responsibility was human factors research on the topic of light-field visualization to reduce the cognitive load of complex 3D analysis.  The research was developed for two Department of Defense (DoD) Small Business Investigative Research (SBIR) topics: A16-044: Simple Cognitive Based Visualization and A181-049: Predictive Visualization to Aid Decision Making.   Aaron successfully completed both projects and received praise for this work form the DoD project managers.  In addition, Aaron assumed many additional responsibilities including developing the company 2D/3D art assets, company website, light-field display imagery and videos, company promotional brochures and he represented FOVI3D at multiple conferences and trade shows.   I am also familiar with his work at Zebra Imaging where he developed commercial 3D light-field holograms.  This work required Aaron to interface with customers to determine the art, model and holographic requirements.  Aaron’s understanding of light-field hologram production was essential to successful customer fulfillment. In conclusion, Aaron is a reliable and capable employee.  He is a hard worker and often volunteers for working nights and weekend to achieve company goal.   Given the opportunity, I would certainly hire Aaron again.
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